Styleworthy is unapologetic conversations about style and self within a community of diverse individuals at events, workshops and popups.

Founded by, Jennifer Rabanillo

Scorpio Rising.

Visual Creative + Interior Designer.

Event Producer.

Motivational Coach. + Public Speaker.

With her signature style of blush pink, rose gold & hoop earrings, she attracts like minded individuals with her empathic energy.

Her love of palm print, brunch and afternoon tea is inspiration for Styleworthy events.

On her spare time Jenn likes to procure Birkenstocks and cuddling with her beloved dachshund dogs; Bailey & Louis.

Evolving her skills that she aquired through experiences contributing to; television production, entertainment, fashion & retail industries she combined her passion for business and love for building community to created; Styleworthy in 2016.

"Choosing a holistic approach of intuitively mentoring others, my goal is to encourage self-growth and success through empowerment. I strongly believe that, the true measure of success is through engaging experiences + collaborations that ultimately inspire others."





You can find her in Arizona at The Scott Resort at least once a year.

Savoury Snacks with crunch are her fav. junk food

Strong dislike for: Olive bars, Fruit on salad & Raspberry vinaigrette. 

She is a fraternal twin and her husband, Ryan is an identical twin. 

So, both of the are constantly "twinning"

ASMR soap cutting relaxes her.

Her form of daily education is; Pinterest.

There isn't a sentence spoken without saying: f*ck.

Her sense of humour is observational & dry, usually exposed via text late night with Oriben.  The last person she texts on a regular basis at night

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