A Glimpse Into My Journey


I've always embraced the metaphysical.  When I was young I would close my eyes and see my auras dancing around. 

At the time, I was building a corporate career and conforming to who I thought I was supposed to be and how I was supposed to be living, working two jobs at the same time - luckily, I worked within the Much Music building and at West 49, so
I've always enjoyed my jobs and gained experience. On the outside, I was thriving. But on the inside, I was energetically struggling and completely disconnected from myself & my energy.
I created my own resistance and ignored my own intuition.
Working in fashion and entertainment, there were no boundaries, I was tuning myself out while hyper-focusing on the external world.  Trying to prove myself  to all the wrong people.
My inner voice saying, “I can do more, it comes so easily to me, it's ok they value me”
 More often than not, I let other people determine my value and self worth.  I was full of ego-orders: play the part & search for validation anywhere & everywhere outside of myself - that was the multi-potentialite in me.  Trying to understand that there was nothing wrong with my thought process and ease of knowledge.
So… I found myself living overworked, with multiple projects suppressing my intuition.  I gave so much of my energy to the wrong people and the wrong things. 
The result? Burnout, physical illness, depression spells and anxiety. I tried everything under the sun to try to find balance and ease— fancy yoga retreats, therapy, medications, etc, but nothing was getting to the root of the problem and things just kept getting heavier.
My emotions and thoughts isolated me.
… because I just wasn’t attuned with myself.
Slowly but surely my health was depleting. Now I understand everything is happening for us even when it feels like things are crumbling— it’s a sign that it’s time for us to let go and evolve. 
I realized I needed to make a transformation. I said fuck it and took a leap of faith to recreate myself in hope that I would finally flow into energetic alignment and live using my intuition. I made a strategic plan to leave tv production, fashion show producing and helping those who were energy vampires as it had energetically reached it’s ending and no longer gave me purpose nor joy. 
My spirit told me to go empower others to focus on building community thourgh events and workshops while combining my love for fashion, self care products and self love.
These manifestations were being directed by my higher self and the vibrations were magnetic.
I started to create.
I launched Styleworthy in 2016. 
Styleworthy is a combination of the things I love. Throughout my life, I have always been called, stylish.  I had clothing sponsorships and when it came to my sense of style, I've always been confident.  Worthy is a double entendre, my husbands last name is, Coxworthy and I am Worthy of everything that comes my way (a reminder when I was facing self doubt).  I combined both to create a brand that represents who I am and who I want to attract. 
I knew I was on the right path because I could feel it. I started to see so many synchronicities. I felt reconnected to my inner-self.
But then…I started to attract individuals who would say they support me, but wanted to benefit from my expertise and networks. I’m in Toronto to start building Styleworthy, but I didn’t have my energy shield up. I felt even more sensitive and disconnected because I wasn’t grounded, yet I felt anxious to get to work as fast as possible. That combination just doesn’t work. I was being heavily drawn to the holistic healing space and my intuition was screaming at me to go that direction, but I didn’t listen. I wasn’t learning one of my biggest life lessons— listen to your inner guide instead of the ego.
So, the lesson repeats itself.
I woke up to the power of energy, which had been there all along. 
I lost myself and I found myself again. I felt a connection I had never felt before, and it energized me to the core. 
I practiced deep inner work to re-connect and forge new consciousness. Everything I have experienced throughout my life, especially my traumatic childhood, started to make sense. I finally saw everything clearly, including myself. My heightened sensitivities that used to cause me confusion, pain, and panic showed up for me in a new way, and I could finally honor my abilities to deeply feel energy and I could see it as a gift. I found truth through energy, satir therapy and kundalini yoga.
I created my energetic alignment.
I knew I could help others in extraordinary ways through intuitive consulting, a 360 view of ones personal life and small business collaborating lifestyle and how their business is an extension of who they are. . 
I have been learning I can about the power of the unseen, and I’m learning something new every day through universal guidance. The healing journey is never-ending and it takes daily dedication. I have immersed myself to reconnect with my energy & heal myself so I can evolve into my highest self and help you.  
I want to empower you to tune-in to your energy, connect with your highest self, expand your perception, & ascend into your high-vibe alignment for your personal and small business lifestyle. 

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