Community Over Competition

Collaborations are exciting & they building community.
We have partnered with the kind, talented and inspiring, Marina Billinghurst of Art of Marina to launch, Styleworthy x Art of Marina Inspiration deck.
On April 12th our Styleworthy x Art of Marina will be launching our decks at the All About Women's Show in Mississauga at our booths.

The collection of 50 beautiful, diverse watercolour prints with Style + Self Intention & Inspirational quotes will be available to purchase for $50.00 (before tax).

With fashion as an inspiration and self confidence as an element of style, the goal of these cards are to provide daily inspiration for your style journey

I wanted to create a ritual to encourage indidividuals in their STYLE + SELF journey and wanted to Marina to be a part of this project. Her energy is welcoming and her art is diverse.
Combined with quotes that are often seen on social media, Marina's watercolour art is on brand with the Styleworthy image.

This Inspiration deck is a reminder that we are all different but the same inside. To encourage STYLE + SELF love that exists within us, and the community we are building.
Make sure you're following both @style_worthy and @artofmarina for more details on our upcoming event in April, giveaways, and more sneak peaks! 

To pre-order a deck at $50 (before tax), please go to

A limited number of Inspiration decks will be available.

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