Curate Your Closet

This is going to take a day or two.  It will be daunting, you will talk to yourself into keeping your all-stars, the pieces you have on lock (black leggings, black leggings, black leggings) and the benchwarmers, the pieces you hope you'll use but never really see any action.

There’s a better way to be fiscally responsible about your fashion, and it’s called cost-per-wear. It’s a simple concept, but something you should keep in mind as you spend time on line shopping.

Think about how often you’ll wear a new garment or accessory in a typical month. Now multiply that times 12 (six if it’s a seasonal piece), and then multiply that by the number of years you think it will stay useful in your closet.

Divide the cost of the piece by the resulting number.


Styleworthy Ada Dress $65

2 times a month

2 x 12 = 24 wears in a year

24 x 2 = 48

65/48 = $1.35

Ok, that's a deal!

That said, if you're an avid shopper who likes to stay En Trend, allocate a budget per season.  You can curb your budget by purchasing high end classic pieces that you will wear for years.  Then, every season you can add a few fast fashion pieces into your closet that will freshen up your wardrobe.  

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