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Here we go, I'm going to talk about my size. One of the more dreeded conversation anyone who is over size 6 hates to discuss.
My weight has fluxuated during the past few years. It is a direct reflection of the lifestyle I live. I am privy to attend a lot of events, have great food (that not everyone in my direct community has the opportunity to try), noteworthy experiences and legit, a busy schedule.
I do find myself wearing kimonos more often (perhaps becuase they have gained popularity int he past few years) but to also hide my arms.
I find that my shirts are longer to hid my belly and I don't wear skirts as often as I use too.
SO, how does this make me feel? I look at my closet and at the moment, I'm not happy with what I see. I know it's because it's the winter and the colours are darker than usual. I know it's becuase sweaters are buckly and why did I buy cable knit sweaters from Aritzia? Why???
I did wake up and put on a itted tank top , which made me feel great, tucked into pants with a cardigen over. All light colours, until I remembered that, there is snow on the ground and Sorells are not as fashionable as I would like.
Look, I'm not the kind of person who says, Oh, you're this body shape etc. I celebrate diverse shapes. How do I dress myself though? When I'm in a rut. It's Arctic cold and everything is gray out.
OH yah, and the winter outfit ideas on Pinterest, are bullshit. In Canada we wear big jackets, not light trench coats with ripped jeans. Let's be more realistic! I did attach a cute photo from though of a capsile waredrobe. Cute for California maybe or Vancouver. I wish I could wear my leopard booties without a) snow & salt ruining the or b) slipping and breaking my neck.
What do you do when you know it's blah outside and your attitude towards your current waredrobe is just as blah?

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