The realness

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is...
(come on, you know you have Jay-Z in your head right now!)

My name is Jenn Rabanillo (Coxworthy).

My goal when I started Styleworthy was to bring together women at events to encourage a sense of style and self.

The name Styleworthy came from a combination of things I LOVE, Style & my husband (part of his last name).

A double entendre reminding me that 'I am Worthy'.

I wanted to create space for those who are on their self-love journey, to help them know, that are worthy of anything they want. Along with helping guide them to understand that without a better sense of self, then your style (and lifestyle) would not represent who you are on the inside.

Since this pandemic has taken my main income of event producing for clients and that income helped fund Styleworthy events, as they were basically non-profit, things have pivoted.

Been given the opportunity to fulfill short contracts during covid, had helped my mental well-being (in a way) however, now that those have ended.

I'm suffering.

Suffering from purpose, motivation and anxiety.

We are all suffering.

In the past couple of months, I rebranded my websites, created an app, published a guided journal and still continue to strive for success.

I'm part of a popup for the month of July to encourage the brand and build more community.

Are you all wondering WHAT THE F*CK IS NEXT?

Because, as I try to create experiences, retreats & shopping experiences, my self-doubt about my creativity, abilities and skills is really coming up.
With summer solstice today & Mercury in retrograde ending tomorrow, I just want relief from this month's journey.

Anyone else feeling weird?
I want to hear your challenges.

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