Trust your Palette

Trust your natural colour palette.


We're going to give you a smart buying tip. 

When you look at your make up do you pick neutrals or do you pick bright colours?.

When you look at your nail polish are you attracted to the bright colours or the more neutral colours?

Now, take a look at your wardrobe, do you have mainly neutrals or do you have a lot of colour?

You may seem to notice a pattern flowing through your life. You'll begin to notice that there's a certain comfort level and that's great because this will help you when you're shopping.

Just because you like a garment you see on a rack or mannequin, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to work for you.

It is really important to trust your instinct and go with what you know will work with the rest of your wardrobe.

We're not saying don’t buy that piece if you love it, but we're saying shop smart trust your natural colour palette.

Often, we bring a piece in because were in love with it but it doesn't match with what we have and it ends up becoming the forgotten piece or you have to purchase more to build an outfit. 

If we shop with our already loved colour palette, in the end we will wear the items we love more often.

Jenn shared a funny story with me. While she was doing a contract at an agency she was wearing her leopard print faux fur jacket from Zara. The lady who sat beside her said, "I couldn't wear that!" Jenn "but it's a neutral!" The co-work and another lady across, laughed as they didn't think it's a neutral. What Jenn didn't elaborate on is, the colours are neural and can be worn with many colour palettes. Funny how persepction on what neutral means to each individual.

Lesson learn here is, no matter what you're attracted too, make sure it fits the rest of your "look". Jenn didn't think her outfit was stylish as she thought, I'll wear this fur jacket like it's an everyday piece to her.


Stay Styleworthy Society,

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