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A Canadian owned business based in Mississauga founder, Jennifer Rabanillo,  Event Producer and first generation Filipino-Canadian, noticed a lack of representation of Asians at events.
Addressing the lack of diversity represented in the female empowerment + small business community, Styleworthy was created to encourage and include all.
Unapologetic conversations about style and self within a diverse community of individuals at events, workshops and popups in 2016.
"You can have a fashion forward passion and build a meaningful life.  Authenticity creates a better sense of self, which reflects in a better sense of lifeSTYLE"
"Choosing a holistic approach of intuitively mentoring and consulting others on small businesses needs, my goal is to encourage self-growth and success through empowerment. I strongly believe that, the true measure of success is through engaging experiences + collaborations that ultimately inspire others."
Wanting to provide an experience as an extention to her events; 
The Styleworthy Self Love Deck was created, a limited edition collection of artwork & inspiring quotes to add to your daily ritual.
An interactive 'I am Worthy' journal to encourge, self authoring, available for pre-order.
A Self Love book focused on storytelling and engagement will be launched this Summer.
I let my energy guide me and I flow with my own current, which is always evolving. Yet, I traveled a long way & immersed myself in a lot of deep healing work to reach this level of consciousness & alignment. 
Since I was a child, I have made decisions based on emotion. It’s hard to explain the depth of feeling, most of my life felt all over the place. I was labeled as a “highly sensitive” + empath.
Before I shifted & expanded, I didn’t know where on Earth many of the feelings, talents & ideas.
Now, I know how multi-dimensional we are, & that these sensitivities are divine intuitive gifts, as a multi-potentialite, in my late 30s, I was able to accept my many interests and creative pursuits.
I had doubted myself, until I gravitated towards a book at Chapters & read that, my personality displays aptitudes across multiple disciplines.
I believe we are all born with intuitive gifts, they just get blocked by our conditioning, programming, pain, and ego.
For years before I began my healing journey, I struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, random depressive spells, & scary negative thought patterns.
I felt disconnected, incomplete, stuck, depleted, unheard, & unseen. I felt like I didn’t belong.
I dug deep to unveil the unseen energies within me, reconnect with my intuition, & realign with my frequency. I immersed myself in deep energy healing work to shift and expand my consciousness (this work is literally never-ending).   I turned my self doubt into powerful purpose.  In the process, I reconnected with my deep connection to the unseen, and my gift of tuning-in to energy.
I feel people from deep within — I feel their pain, fears, conditioning, intentions, and blockages. Yet, I see people as SO much more than those heavy layers, I feel and see their unique gifts, divine radiance, and unlimited potential.
We are all a multi faceted, full of light, ready to shine once we begin peeling back the layers and healing ourselves from the inside out.
I have now dedicated my life to helping others heal, ascend, align, and evolve — I want you to be seen, feel whole, expand, & flow into your high vibrational alignment.
 My own alignment journey led me here, & I’m beyond grateful. I am honored to be the channel to guide you, to remind you that you have all the power— it all starts energetically, from within. 
Let’s talk about who you are and how we are aligning as you read these words.
You’re a high-conscious being with many visions and gifts to offer our world — you have the feeling you’re meant for “more”, like a deeper sense of purpose.
Yet, you don’t feel in tune with yourself or don't know where to start. 
You’re still holding onto the limited status quo paradigm of should~do’s and supposed~to~be’s.
You feel disconnected from your powerful energy and intuitive wisdom, and you’re not reaching your energetic flow.
You may feel depleted, burnt out, blocked, stuck, anxious, or mentally overwhelmed.
You have displaced the energy to authentically create, express your truth.
Your visions may feel unreachable because of self doubt
Ohhh, have I been there. I see you, I feel you, and I’m here for you. Through energy, intuition and process, I’m here to meet you where you are; I’m the channel to guide you on your path of personal evolution & small business enlightment.

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