Styleworthy Studio


​Covid has been a time for Opportunity.  

Opportunity to rest, reflect, go throught the cataylst of emotions of change.

After 26 years of dreaming, learning and experiencing.

I get to open my own studio.

26 years ago, I said I was going to open a shop in Streetsville that support women.

Back in the day we use to go to Full tilt Skateshop and purchase mens clothing cuz that’s all there was in the action sports industry at the time.

I have a chance to support community, small businesses and youth where my inspiration started.

It’s not full tilt or cock and the pheasant but it’ll be a safe space for individuals to gather for workshops, wellness services, shop all things style & self.

Most importantly, with @mindlessdoodles we will be creating programming that helps with mental health using art.

Look for the PINK door.

Styleworthy Studio was created to encourage and include all the lack of diversity represented in the female empowerment + small business community.

"Choosing a holistic approach of intuitively mentoring and consulting others on small businesses needs, my goal is to encourage self-growth and success through empowerment. I strongly believe that the true measure of success is through engaging experiences + collaborations that ultimately inspire others."

Creating authentic content for your business journey.


Focused on encouraging women.

We strive to grow community, authentically.