Wellness Services


A range of holistic wellness services to accommodate lifestyle-based goals such as relaxation, rejuvenation, purification, health, stress release and wellness management
Individual Wellness Consultations Before your retreat gets going, it’s beneficial to set an intention.
Sit down with one of our Wellness Staff to evaluate where you are in your life, and to make the very most of your time while on retreat.
Our Wellness Consultations are relaxed check ins that assist you in gaining clarity in order to create balance in all facets of your life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Motivation Coaching
One on one support to leverage the time in retreat to empower life changes, while establishing suitable goals and momentum. Offering positive support,  enthusiasm and accountability we can explore relationship to self & others: confidence, self esteem and self worth, creating loving relationships. Living your purpose: business, career and life > setting and achieving goals and objectives; handling transitions, new beginnings, re-inspiring work and wealth. Health & wellness: food, nutrition, yoga practice and optimal health. Artistry: creativity, expression and spiritual connection.
Lifestyle Coach
The coaching process addresses specific personal projects, general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, and establishing the right course of action to make your life be what you want it to be.
The coaching process will help you connect your head and your heart in a way that transforms your passion for your dreams into action for your life. You are the one who truly knows who you are and what you need. Through asking the right questions and using tools and techniques to explore life from a greater perspective, you will be empowered you to find the answers within yourself.
Crystal Bowl Healing
The Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls take different elements of sound healing, each with positive effects, and integrate them into a single, holistic system that is rooted in ancient tradition. The harmonic vibrations produced cleanse and purify all levels of being from the energetic body to the deep cellular tissues. The principles of resonance and entrainment effectively invite deep relaxation and quickly achieve a meditative mental state, where the body can restore and heal in it's optimal state of homeostasis. 
Personalized Meditation & Mindfulness
Here we can also delve into the ancient art of Yogic Inquiry to ask the essential questions and come to the nature of self and Self-realization. If you have a busy mind this is for you. If you are looking for more space in your life, more space between reaction and response, to improve relationships then mediation is a good start. If you are beginner or advanced in your meditation you are very welcome. If you hope to gain perspective of the rat race of the monkey mind, lets sit together.
Discover the power of Essential Oils to bring balance and harmony into life as a integrated approach to self care and healing. Through assessing needs from a holistic perspective, we can define and understand the best oils for physical support, emotional balance, mental stability and spiritual connection. Learn how to integrate Essential Oils as a lifestyle of health and wellness while connecting to  the magic of natural plant medicine and earth wisdom.  
Astrology Readings
By understanding the meaning of the Zodiac signs, the planets, the houses and their relation to each other we get a map through which we can explain the intricate depth and uniqueness of our human life. The personality – our patterns, our challenges, our beauty, our potential and transformation – is simply a study of cycles.