Loose Clothing


A tip on baggy clothes: when you add extra fabric you add visual pounds. Clothing affects a person’s mental processes and perceptions.

We understand that it makes you feel better, to hide the weight or any body parts that you aren't too confiedent about.

To put high value on style and clothing, reflects on how ones feels about themselves.

Yes, baggy clothes only make you feel more comfortable. 

However, it is important to look for clothing that suits to your body shape.

We promise you, when you dress to style your body type you can feel just as comfortable as you do in your baggy clothes but look more fashionable.

Tip: wear tighter jogging pants with a band at the bottom. Pair with fresh whie kicks for that instant trendy look. Tuck in your tshirt a bit and throw on a leather jacket. Comfy and chic.

Stay Styleworthy Society,

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