Styleworthy Studio Services Complimentary Consutlation

Styleworthy Studio Services Complimentary Consutlation

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With a passion for business,  Jennifer’s strengths led her to Marketing and Events.

Focused on encouraging and empowering female entrepreneurs, Jennifer uses her intuition and authenticity to help  clients with; strategy, planning and problem solving, Jennifer helps clients develop business skills and knowledge.


Designing a business model or marketing plan, to determine which marketing techniques to use and how to use them.


Helping clients learn how to plan and implement projects. her goal is to give advice, teach skills, and brainstorms with the client to produce practical results and enhance strategic thinking.

Social media marketing

 Social media platforms

 Search engine marketing

 Search engine optimization

 Reputation management

 Image and brand management


Conduct marketing research to identify industry trends and

commercial opportunities 

Develop and implement a marketing

strategy according to objectives and budget 

Study company profile and operations

to understand its marketing needs


Provide advice on branding, positioning,

communications and other marketing issues


Develop and nurture long term relationship

with in house teams and external vendors


Give direction to marketing efforts with the

most effective methods and tools

Keep abreast of emerging trends and

share best practices knowledge and insights


Execute strategic tasks and monitor outcomes

Consumer behavior and customer psychology

 $150/hr (based on a minimum of 10hrs)

Creation of website using WIX or Shopify

$600 for platform creation based on 5 pages.

includes: copywriting, proofreading, and content editing.

$50/hr for each additional hour for editing.


Creation of social media branding

$350 for the first platform

$95 for each additional platform


Blog writing

$55 per blog entry up to 500 words


Posting social media to client’s social media sites

$35 per posting based on a minimum of 5 posts


Posting social media to LinkedIn groups

$35 per posting, up to 10 groups based on a minimum of 5 posts


Online listening and connections to potential audiences $35 per hour

Data and analytics collection $35 per hour


LinkedIn Profile



Monthly Online Advertising Campaign

Evaluation, Set-up & First Month of Management

advertising to be billed directly from the platforms



Each additional month of online advertising management

advertising to be billed directly from the platforms

$165 per platform per month

Creation of online display ads

$65 per ad, $20 each for resizing

Email Marketing

Email marketing ($95 for writing; $125 for graphic design; and $80 for programming)

Branding Materials

Naming of product, service or company ($150)

Logo creation ($225 – one designer, three options; $450 – two designers, six options; or $675 – three designers, nine options)

Collateral – Includes Design and Copywriting

Sales sheet – one sheet, two-sided ($195)

Tri-fold brochure ($275)

Eight page sales brochure ($450)


Canva template ($195)

Canva copy ($16 per page) and Canva layout ($9 per page)

Television Production

Based on day rate 10+ 1

Producer $1500

Director $1000

Assistant Director $800

Story Editing $1500 plus $50/hr in suite

Editing $50/hr min. of 4 hrs (30 post edit video)

Drone Operations

Mavic 2 Pro $1600

Inspire 2 Package $2500