About Us

A Canadian owned business based in Mississauga founder, Jennifer Rabanillo,  Event Producer and first generation Filipino-Canadian, noticed a lack of representation of Asians at events.

Addressing the lack of diversity represented in the female empowerment + small business community, Styleworthy was created to encourage and include all.


Unapologetic conversations about style and self within a diverse community of individuals at events, workshops and popups in 2016.

"You can have a fashion forward passion and build a meaningful life.  Authenticity creates a better sense of self, which reflects in a better sense of lifeSTYLE"

"Choosing a holistic approach of intuitively mentoring and consulting others on small businesses needs, my goal is to encourage self-growth and success through empowerment. I strongly believe that, the true measure of success is through engaging experiences + collaborations that ultimately inspire others."

 Wanting to provide an experience as an extention to her events; 

The Styleworthy Self Love Deck was created, a limited edition collection of artwork & inspiring quotes to add to your daily ritual.

An interactive 'I am Worthy' journal to encourge, self authoring, available for pre-order.

A Self Love book focused on storytelling and engagement will be launched this Summer.